CrossFit sounds too intense for me. Should I ‘get in shape’ first?

No, you don’t need to ‘get in shape’ to start CrossFit. That’s what we’re here for! Every workout is scaled to each client’s personal fitness level. This allows an elite athlete and a beginner to do the same workout side by side.

Can I do CrossFit just 1 or 2 times a week?

Well, of course you CAN, but should you? If you want the best results, we recommend a minimum of 4 times a week, even supplementing running or other ‘active rest’ on the weekends.

Why does CrossFit cost more than a ‘normal’ gym membership?

The easy answer is we are not a ‘normal’ gym so therefore there is no comparison. A ‘normal’ gym lets you come in (assuming you actually show up) and use their stuff. If you want personal attention, like training/coaching, you’ll pay extra for that, at the low end, $50.00 an hour. If you don’t show up, they won’t call you. In fact, if you sign up and never show up, you are their favorite kind of member.

At CrossFit Georgetown, you are personally trained/coached during every single workout by a certified CrossFit instructor. You are constantly checked on your mechanics to prevent injury. If you don’t show up…you will receive a call making sure you haven’t had an accident on the way to the gym. We WANT you to show up and work out. We WANT you to be healthy and fit. We are COMMITTED to your success.

What happens in a CrossFit class?

A typical class will have clients showing up and immediately checking out the white board to see what’s in store for them. This is often followed by groans and sighs and occasionally a “Let’s Do It!” On the board will be a listed warm-up for that day, a specific skill to be worked and then the workout of the day (WOD). You will get going on your warm up. There may be some bantering amongst you…some ‘I can’t believe I had a cheat meal last night…now I’ll pay for it’…etc. Once everyone has completed the warm-up, we’ll move on to the skill. Most often the skill will directly tie in with an element of the WOD, ie-deadlifts if we’re doing Mr. Joshua. OR—it will be a skill everyone needs work on—we’ll attack our weaknesses. For example, we work on kipping pull-ups often and we like to segue that into muscle-ups. Then we’ll set up for the WOD. This might entail loading your bar up with the appropriate weight. (You will check your personal log-book and/or consult with your trainer to determine which weight will challenge you and still be safe.) Once all the equipment is in place, the instructor will give the cue that will set the butterflies aflutter in your stomach…3-2-1…GO! You will work out. It will be hard but you will finish and feel a sense of accomplishment. (If you finish before someone else, you will cheer them on and give them motivation to keep going!) After you recover, whether that’s to peel yourself upright off the floor or catch your breath, you will record your workout in your log, complete with weight you used, any modifications you made, notes for next time you do this WOD and especially your time, so you have a goal to beat next time around.

What should I bring to class?

Water is a great idea—you will need it. You should always be dressed to workout in comfort—stretchy athletic clothes and shoes you can run in. Maybe people leave their rings at home. We don’t have towels, so if you want one…bring one. Other than that, the most important thing to bring is a great attitude.

What if I have an injury, can I still do CrossFit?

Most likely. Please contact either William or Ginger to discuss your personal injury to see if we have the means to not only work around it but potentially to help in recovery and rehabilitation. That said, we are not medical professionals so we’d need you to discuss your fitness plans with your doctor as they relate to your injury.

Why don’t you have any weight machines?

Because using a weight machine means you are confined to the parameters of the machine’s range of motion which can mean moving your body in an unnatural fashion under unsafe weight loads. We don’t isolate muscles at CrossFit…or work body parts…we train the whole body as a unit and there is no better way to do that than to MOVE YOUR BODY instead of a machine. Your body IS the machine.

Can I come to CrossFit and work out on my own?

No. We are a class-based program. Working out with other people has proven time and again to be a great motivator and will help you to exceed your goals. A special magic in CrossFit is the community. It’s the glue and it works!

I’m a woman and I want a slim and toned body…won’t lifting heavy weights make me bulky?

Maybe, but it is highly unlikely. It is all about genetics. Women typically don’t possess enough of the hormones needed to bulk up like a man (heck, most men don’t posses enough of the hormones). You’d have to take supplemental drugs for that to happen which it goes without saying, we would highly discourage. CrossFit style workouts will create lean muscle mass and burn fat. Lean muscle mass will help you burn fat and increase your metabolism, thereby lowering your total body fat percentage…which will make you smaller and look really awesome! Tell you what…try CrossFit and if you get really bulky like a muscular man…we’ll deal with it.

Are you going to put me on a diet?

Not in the traditional sense. First…you can choose what to eat. Your results and your performance in the WOD will be directly affected by your diet. This is undeniably true. So, if your goals are to lean out by reducing body fat, the ticket to that lies in the kitchen. We are more than willing and in fact would be thrilled to help dial in your nutrition to have you reach your goals.

In a nutshell, we follow what’s called the Paleo Diet using the ZONE proportions/ratios. It’s about the quality of your food in the appropriate proportions. If you want to know more, just contact us.

I don’t like to run…are you going to make me?

Err…probably. ? Running is a large component of CrossFit training. If you are either incapable of running due to a physical condition or are unable to due to currently being reconditioned…we will modify you until you might be able to run. If you just don’t like to run…be ready to suck it up.

You want results, right? You’d only be cheating yourself.