May 2019 Member of The Month

Everyone has met, or at least knows of Ben. Ben is in our 6:00AM class he’s super welcoming to anyone new that walks through the doors and brings a positive energy that people can’t help but gravitate toward. We all know when Ben isn’t showing up to class, because he didn’t drive up 20 minutes prior to his class time! He’s always ready to lift and is strong as an ox! Read on to see how he got his start in CrossFit…

I’ve been doing CrossFit since December of 2015. I moved to Jarrell in October of 2015 and then started Crossfit Georgetown once I got settled in.
My motivating factor was that I was fat and out of shape. I was tired of being winded. For example, I took my kids to climb Enchanted Rock. I was trying to inspire my spouse to get in to better shape and I was the one trying to catch my breath.  My goals are pretty simple and vain; I want to look good in a bathing suit or naked and fight off the effects of aging as long as possible. What I like best about this Community is people from all different groups and backgrounds bond well. I believe it’s because everyone struggles together and everyone pushes past their limits. Egos will get left at the door real quick when a 50 year old women kicks your ass at a WOD. I feel like it’s similar to a sports team, when a team takes a beat down together they bond and become stronger and then come back for more.